Overcoming Self-Doubt in VoiceOver

Michelle Sellers

3/13/20242 min read

black and gray corded headphones
black and gray corded headphones

Lets say you're scrolling twitter...X but I will keep calling it Twitter, and you see tweet after tweet about this person getting this role or a production's casting announcements. It gets discouraging, right? Seems like everyone but you are booking all the time. It becomes inevitable to feel down and defeated and possibly, at that point, you will be wondering if you might not be cut out for this. I've been there more times than I can count.

Believe in Yourself

Easier said than done, right? When you're feeling discouraged, it's important to remember to you are your own hardest critic. Take a step away and give yourself a break. If you are rushing out auditions to play a numbers game, you might be getting burn out especially when you have nothing to show for it. Believing in yourself is a very hard thing to do for most people and it won't come easy, but positive thinking can push you back into the right frame of mind. Self-doubt can be a major roadblock to success, so it's crucial to push past those negative thoughts and remind yourself of your talents and abilities.

Set Achievable Goals

One way to motivate yourself is to set achievable goals. Break down your larger goal of booking more VoiceOver jobs into smaller, manageable tasks. For example, you could set a goal to practice your voice acting skills for a certain amount of time each day or to reach out to a certain number of potential clients each week. Not every goal has to end with a booking. The more you advance your skills and techniques, the better chance those bookings will follow. So, aim for reaching out to contacts, engaging in the community, practice areas you feel are weak as well as your strengths. Track your progress and celebrate your successes along the way.

Find Inspiration

When you're feeling discouraged, it can be helpful to find inspiration from anywhere you can find it. Podcasts are one of the best places I have found to get inspired and not spend any money. There are some great ones out there in the VoiceOver field. One of my favorites right now is the boothbesties.com , but there are so many out there, just try one. Taking classes is always a great option as well if it is in the budget. You get to practice and improve your reads while learning from not only the coach but the others in attendance. Nothing inspires me more! Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who can encourage and motivate you to keep going. The VoiceOver community is one of the most welcoming and encouraging groups I have come across. Don't be afraid to jump in!

Remember, everyone faces setbacks and challenges in their careers. Believe in yourself, set achievable goals, and find inspiration from others. With perseverance and a positive mindset, you can pull yourself out of that negative think talk and keep progressing in achieving your long term goals.